There are some not so common Q & A that may benefit you as well. Manage Consent. Read the label on the can of primer and look for thinning instructions. I wouldnt worry about accurate viscosity. Ceiling stains or knots completely hidden. LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. The bad news first – be prepared, Zinsser BIN … Zinsser’s B-I-N has been the standard in primers for many years. On the flip side, be careful not to over-thin your latex … . I’ve used it for at least 20 years. Within the hour you can safely paint the surface with the first basecoat / undercoat. That’s because it’s thicker than other common paints and will not work properly with any HVLP spray in that state. They also make a mildew resistant product that is also top shelf. They said it could be used for anything. Adjust the knob on the side of the spray gun to the width of spray … The can says it can be sprayed, so I used an HVLP gun, installed a 2.0mm tip/needle, and started spraying. I used it to prime the mullions of my old wooden windows before re-puttying them and it was damn hard to scrape off the glass where it got some on. If you want to use a HVLP sprayer, the recommended tip size is 1.4 millileters with a pressure of 12-14 psi. It really does stick to everything, including your spray … Best interior new wood primer for knots, water stains, fire and smoke damage. For spray applications on construction or home projects, begin by reducing the primer by 10 percent. HVLP is High volume low-pressure sprayer technique that is used to paint, varnish, retouching, and similar kind of job. How to Select the Right Tip for Your Paint Gun Posted: December 17, 2015 By: Eastwood When spraying paint with a compressed air spray gun – whether gravity feed or siphon feed, conventional or High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP… Quick Reference Sheet VISCOSITY CUP INDEX FINISH TIME (seconds) Auto Cellulose 18-20 18-20 Enamels 20-25 Latex 20-30 Oil Based 20-25 Primers … I wouldnt. I swear cleaning the … Worked great! I used it to cover char on my wife’s family’s fire damaged cottage. I’ve found it covers stains way better than Zin or equivalent. I bought a bigger tip. Thin primer for spray applications on automotive-type finishes according to the paint manufacturer's specific reduction instructions. Open time has been … Spraying any clear finish or paint with an hvlp or cup gun can be a little tricky, but with practice using this type of paint spaying equipment will become easy. When thinning water-based primers, KILZ recommends using no more than one-half pint of water per gallon of primer. Have used it for more than 20 years. -- Tite Lines, May the wind be at your back. Used it on old plaster walls that were died first and then wall papered from around 1905. I ran into Benjamin Moore ADVANCE… Seems to be pretty new. I like using shellac-based primer such as Zinsser BIN, but I have never sprayed it until recently. Reseal the cap, and then adjust the pressure of the spray gun to 20 pounds per square inch. that's how we find out who we are.” ― Tobias Wolff, Hey everyone! I've spot-repaired window casings using the aerosol primers and haven't had any problems. Here are some commonly asked questions about HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers and the answers, such as fluid set size, dilute latex and stages. It was a great bridge to latex. The low pressure used to draw the paint out of the gun significantly reduces the amount of over-spray … An hvlp spray gun can be difficult to use at first. A HVLP system is great for spraying a variety of house paints, primers … So, do yourself a favor and thin your latex paints right the first time. Open the paint reservoir cap of the HVLP spray gun and pour the paint mix in. Thinned primer also covers more surface area, reducing the cost of materials for large projects. If it flows through easily, then it should work for most paint guns. From this post, you will come to know how to thin latex paint through which you can enjoy your latex paint coloring. When my house burned partially the fixers swore by this stuff to cover the fire odor. I use a Fuji HVLP for painting custom cabinetry using latex paint every day. You have to be careful not to spray heavy on the door edges, or the primer will drip. If the shellac separates (this is normal) just stir it real good and strain before spraying. We are looking into zinssers shellac based BIN primer right now. Step #5. The steps for thinning primers are very similar to the steps for thinning … A huge bonus in my eyes was that it is ready to spray straight out of the can. The original pigmented shellac, B-I-N stain-blocking primer-sealer is great for interior surfaces. I don’t mind the smell too much; it reminds me of my aunt’s italian rum cake. Downsides are waterproof (not) and cost (expensive). Used a Devilbiss Finishline HVLP gun with 1.8 mm tip, and it went well... until the cleanup. A good way to make sure the paint is thin enough for a spray gun is to put the paint in the funnel. This stuff lays down super smooth off the gun and dries super quick. Total cost, … This stuff will stick to anything and block out any stain that I have ever seen. Really easy to use and cleanup (pure ammonia). This is cabinet paint, not … I have a Graco 3 stage HVLP. However, never use it on a surface that might get wet as it is shellac based and shellac doesn’t like water. | If it thickens, just add a bit of dna. I use the no. It blew the BIN primer well but the Latex\Enamel Semi Gloss was almost to heavy to spray but I got a decent spray … You might try the aerosol can spray primers, rather than loading your own spray gun with primer. I purchased this primer at HD to use on some knotty pine tongue & groove v-boards. Is that a typo? I have refinished a few dressers recently and am looking to get away from using oil based primers, but previous experiences with latex primers have not been encouraging. Any primer or paint that contains a solvent or ingredients that dissolve the underlying stuff and put it back into suspension will ultimately fail to some degree, because the "offenders" then migrate right up into that primer. I used my Earlex 5000 hvlp sprayer and applied two coats within an hour. I am thinking i should be using the number 4 set up. Maybe will work in Arizona but not in New Hampshire. When you want to use quality latex paint, you must thin it first. :-)I still wear a mask when spraying though. If the shellac separates (this is normal) just stir it real good and strain before spraying. Welcome to LJ!BIN is the only primer I’ll use now. And +1 on cleaning. I'll spray whatever good quality paint my customer is using for the trim in the house so we've sprayed BM, SW, Porter, etc. BIN is excellent on MDF, too… No water to swell it up. Is there an explosion risk? The short story of BIN, over a stain apply two quick coats of the paint in aerosol cans, or spray, brush or roll it on. I’m thinking of spraying this on a built-in closet. Thinned primer is helpful when using a spray-application method, since thick primers may clog the spray nozzle. Well, … SPRAY PATTERN For more information please contact us at: -1430 Tollfree: 800-650-0930 Lacquers Enjoy the Benefits of HVLP with a FUJI! I would think a gallon is needed. I spray advance with an AAA, no thinning needed, I don't see the need. I do thin it a bit with dna though. We have used spray cans but the cost is too high for the coverage - these dressers are pretty big. Is 4 better than 3 for spraying bm aura satin im thinning it with extendor. And +1 on cleaning. I think this would be a great prime for any painted project and would recommend it to anyone that hasn’t tried it yet. If you fail to thin it, it will fail to come of out the spray … of paint thinner to each quart of primer … If you want to shot less paint then adjust your tip size. Love it. Make sure the filters for the spray gun are clean. One of my favorite products, with provisos above. One thing to watch for is shelf life, only buy what you need for a project. 1:1 mix using a cheep Harbor Freight spray gun. I don’t especially like the way that it brushes though, maybe mine needed thinned. This migration problem is exacerbated if you're rolling or brushing on the primer. The best thing about having an HVLP spray … It stinks when you have to throw out 1/2 of the gallon can. It really does stick to everything, including your spray equipment. -- Dave, New England - “We are made to persist. This is the place to ask! I know it needs a primer coat. ... Why I LOVE Zinsser BIN for Priming MDF. Does anyone know if this is compatible with NitroCellulose Lacquer? @nailbanger2; according to zinsser, the BIN has a shelf life of 3 years. This would call for adding approximately 3 oz. Being shellac based it does have a pretty strong odor but that goes away within a few hours. I do about a 20% extender . 3 projection set; aircap needle tip. Latest Blog Entries | Welcome great product clean your hvlp very well then clean it again, I work an a lot of commercial pumps at work, the biggest problem is they are never clean enough !! When finished clean the spray gun with mineral spirits, naphtha, acetone, or Majic reducer. It’s a gun-type handheld paint sprayer which releases paint in spray form. Considering latex primer for HVLP spray onto wood. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. If you want total control then shot with HVLP. I don’t mind having to thin and spray multiple coats to get the coverage needed. Each time your Wagner HVLP spray gun clogs it will take you 10-15 frustrating minutes to clean it out. Its a waterborne Alkyd blend. -- He who dies with the most tools... dies with the emptiest wallet. I find that it sprays really nice and levels out better than oil primer does. Trying to find out the best material to thin it with, and process to clean the gun for switching back and forth between latex and shellac. Its really thin anyway. Odor reminds me of a vodka tonic so I’m on vacation whenever I use it. Is sanding required between coats? I should have paid more attention to the specific issue you asked about. Latest Projects | When spray painting shelves and other unpainted surfaces, I use BIN shellac primer. Terms of Service Has anyone successfully sprayed Zinsser 1-2-3 primer through a HVLP? Wheel wells painted as well. We have used zinssers cover-stain as spray primer … On exterior applications it simply flakes off after a rain storm or two. During the application I wore my respirator and did not spell anything but once removed there was a strong odor. The BIN is thinned with DNA, although you shouldn't have to thin it to spray. Brushes and equipment can be cleaned with household ammonia and water! We thin the latex about 20% using a thinning … Love it for shellac, lacquer, poly, dye, etc. ©2020 Verticalscope Inc. All Rights Reserved. I assume a can is a gallon and a gallon of any zinsser product is at least $18, here. You can sand after a half hour or so. I'd use BIN for your primer. Latest Forum Topics, Zinsser B.I.N Shellac-Based White Primer-Sealer, @nailbanger2; according to zinsser, the BIN has a shelf life of 3 years. Clean your gun with DNA and /or amonia. Have a questions on finishing, refinishing, or restoring
wood furniture or cabinetry? Is it safe to spray indoors? | Do Not Sell My Data Great all-round. -- Just sprayed 26 cabinet doors with Zinsser Bin shellac based primer for my workshop build. Seems I've erred in my understanding and further stuck my foot in my mouth with some undeserved criticism. It sprays nicer that way.It’s amazing. Just painted a 94 Suburban with that stuff. | Copyright | Privacy Policy Prep Properly: How To Mix Paint For HVLP Sprayer. Thanks for the review! On thinning the paint, you can conveniently make use of HVLP spray guns … You say dressers (plural) and they are big. If it thickens, just add a bit of dna. Two coats and the old primer / baby blue is gone. $5 a can for Zinsser primer? You don't have to thin BIN primer for your HVLP sprayer. You still need to mask everything in the kitchen very carefully before spraying, regardless of the sprayer … The label might specify a ratio of paint and a thinner, such as three parts primer to one part water. Using an HVLP sprayer to spray the primer onto the wall cabinets produces much less over-spray than an airless. Thin it about 10% with denatured alcohol, and spray it on. I use bin primer… A good primer, dries quick as noted, and is the ideal material when going from oil on existing to a new coat of latex paint. BIN is probably the most relied on problem-solving primer in a decorator’s toolbox. I have to say it worked as well as i hoped. I have about 2/3 of a gallon that I … However, if you want to paint something large such as a vehicle, tractor, or other equipment, you are better off purchasing Rustoleum in a paint can and thinning it with mineral spirits before using your own spray … Rustoleum comes in spray cans, which is fine for small to medium-size surfaces.. Furniture Finishing, Refinishing, & Restoration, Postby AsonnyA » Sun May 01, 2011 2:31 pm, Postby preeng2 » Mon May 02, 2011 6:29 am, Postby AsonnyA » Mon May 02, 2011 7:14 am, Postby AsonnyA » Mon May 02, 2011 6:45 pm, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 5 guests. I like the mildewcide characteristics of BIN especially in a kitchen …, -- 2 Timothy 2:15 "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.". If you decide to go with oil primer… Will a waterborne like this Advance lay down over a shellac base like the one above? I have a 2qt pot that takes pressure from my compressor then a material line out to a gun which has the hvlp air also. Spraying primer with HVLP 9.5 on Wainscot MDF. EricDepending on what the conditions are where your spraying it can be done safely, as with any flammable material you need good ventilation ,no open flames,no sparks(even motors) no smoking etc. ... resulting in an exceptional finish AND allows you to spray a full range of paints, primers… • Do not use the Catalyst/Hardener in the primer. You will likely have to thin oil-based primer. Really glad you posted this. High Volume Low Pressure, or HVLP, paint guns are popular for applying paint indoors.